Mobile content adapted to art direction and corporate identities.


Instead of generic flexibility, we deliver one-use, meticulous and accurate apps.


Pixel-perfect apps built for the actual phones, tablets and devices that will show them.

Why Disposable Apps for cinema and ads

Production Design

Mobile content created to match the art direction of the film.

A different app for every sequence

Apps that start at the exact point your shot or sequence needs.

Savings in postproduction

Content really appearing in the touchscreen save efforts tracking the phone and masking the fingers.

Natural rythms

Actors don't face a green screen, so the result is more natural and the human factor sets the pace.

Arranged to hit the right marks

Predetermined content let actors push buttons and type text with no fear of incorrect clicks or typos.

Image and media rights

Using onscreen commercial apps (Social, message, photo,...) requires obtaining the image rights, and building your own saves from headaches.

Full offline performance

It doesn't matter how remote your filming location is: if you are shooting in a dessert, a forest or a cave, the apps have full performance in places with no signal.

Why disposable Apps for events and presentations

Multiple user apps

Rally drivers choose successively their starting positions for the first day of competition.

Non-linear events

Basketball teams are split into groups acording to the luck of the draw.

Updatable results

Evolution of votes is shown in real time.

Multi-screen content

Simultaneous control of multiple outputs.

Actions for cinema and advertising

Apps for movies and ads can reconstruct every real life behaviour for its use with actors, and also everything that fiction can make up. Including:

Technical and Laboratory screens watch video 1 watch video 2

Geolocalisation watch video

Video playerswatch video

Photo gallery navigation watch video

Web Browsing watch video

Phone Calls watch video

Messages watch video

Alerts watch video

Camera overlays Watch video


Android phone

Android tablet





Why us

How we work

You receive as many apps as your shots and sequences require.

With manuals for every app, detailing the contents and marking the active button in each step.

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